The Art of Dreams


Down to work!




In the month of October of 2016 the Londoño Arias family decided it was the moment to turn their gratitude towards life into concrete actions that would allow others to have opportunities in art in order to build a life project based on respect, happiness, creativity and overcoming adversity. This is how on the 6th of October they decided to register the foundation The Art of Dreams.

We train adolescents in situations of vulnerability, in being, knowing and doing, through art, focused on the urban genre and its different expressions such as composition, instrumentation, singing, production, dance and painting, favoring moral and emotional development, physical, cultural and social in several spaces that lead to build bridges between art and dreams.

In 2022, we will be a leading institution in the formation of adolescents in various urban artistic expressions, in the quality of training processes, social inclusion, commitment to development and service vocation, building better life options through Of art.

Our values!


Firm and persevering determination of working for the wellbeing of each an every person in the communities we work with.


To carry out our social and work activities in a way which does not affect the community.


To value and treat people or situations adequately, taking into account their dignity and giving them the necessary importance to avoid causing harm.


Is what we give when taking action!

Help us Dream even more!


 Introducing our Founder


Juan Luis Londoño Arias was born on the 28th of January of 1994 in the Colombian city of Medellín. Son of Marlli Arias and Luis Londoño; he has an older sister, Manuela, who studied psychology and philosophy. In his early childhood, he was a fan of soccer, which he practiced continuously for eight years. He played in the lower divisions in the teams Atlético National and Equidad Sports Club. He also played in volleyball, Ping-Pong, chess tournaments amongst others. On the other hand, he also had a passion for music, which he displayed both at home and school, and to his best friend Camila Andriuolo who later became his girlfriend. He studied at the Hontanares School in El Retiro, and used to write lyrics on request for his class-mates´ girlfriends. In the tenth grade he took part in a Singing Contest that he won with the song ¨Tengo Ganas¨ by Andres Cepeda, and in December that same year he starred in a Theater play.
When he was fifteen he composed, together with a close friend, a song entitled “No quiero” and a year later Juan Parra, his uncle, offered him to record it in a studio as his birthday present. Initially, he did not have the intention of focusing on music; “however, he surprised a group of producers that ended up offering him to record an album, not without previously warning him that he needed a name that was more resonant, catchy and that would be well received in the urban genre scene”. Thus, he adopted the stage name of Maluma, which is a combination of the two first letters of the names of his mother Marlli, his father Luis and his Manuela sister. According to the artist himself: “It is a tribute to them because I love them and they are the drive of my career”. In 2010, when he was sixteen, Maluma started having singing lessons, and in his last year of high school, he decided to debut as an artist.

Meet our team!

Juan Luis Londoño Arias


Manuela Londoño


Carmenza Delgado

Coordinador Operacional

Juan Camilo González


Daniel Vélez Ávalos

Graphic designer

Edwin Muñoz

Docente de canto – Técnica vocal


Docente Danza Urbana

Lina Quintero

Docente Percusión Urbana


Docente de canto – Interpretación