Since April 2017, in collaboration with the Education Secretariat of the Municipality and the IE José Antonio Galán, we started a unique project that led us to train 40 young people from the municipality in the arts of urban singing and dance.

Our work is focused on a process of social transformation with the community of La Tablaza, in the municipality of La Estrella, at just 16 kilometers from Medellín.

In this process of materializing dreams, we have the participation of a group of highly qualified teachers, who provide us with experience and excellence in break dance on one hand, rap / reggaeton training, interpretation and vocal technique on the other hand.

They are dreams that we are converting into reality, which went through a rigorous audition process. Each of our dreamers are committed to this commitment to the art of the ideal vehicle to achieve their dreams and where each one has come to the words of our founder as their own: “The most talented do not always arrive, but most of the time they reach the others more disciplined”.

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