El Arte de los Sueños

what do we do?

We seek to educate vulnerable boys,
girls and teenagers for both knowing and being.


To transform

Transforming the lives of dreamers
is our mission as a foundation.
Our sole purpose!



With this education process, our dreamers will learn
to compose lyrics for urban genre songs (rap and reggaeton).



Hip-hop dance and break dance are technical styles with a lot of footwork,
refined turns and fast, acrobatic and inventive movements.


Graphic Arts

The Graphic Arts do not only seek the completion of a product,
but living an experience.



The aim is to allow the development, understanding and use of singing techniques,
focusing on aspects such as, rhythm, aural skills, harmony and creativity.



With this education process, each dreamer will become stronger in their
sense of rhythm, listening, technique, language and creativity


The Foundation has given me unconditional support because in it I show all the potential I have, all the happiness and I love what I do. Through the dance I can vent, be who I really am, I am too grateful for the opportunity they have given me. For me, the art of dreams is love, family, happiness and hope because they bring out the best in us. I've met really wonderful people who only look for good things, and people like that are not anywhere; that's why I thank God and the foundation.

Leidy Mosquera PalaciosDreamer (Bello)

For me, the foundation is a place where you will not only sing, dance and percussion. There in the foundation we learn that it is the discipline, the effort, the desire, the perseverance, the persistence, it is a place full of life, there you feel full, very welcome, where it gives you an immense joy to go, you are surrounded by very good people and without a doubt there we learn to dream that dreams do come true.

Laura SernaDreamer (La Estrella)

Many new friendships, a more critical thinking, a resounding change of thought in front of the teachers, blows in jars that feed the soul, recognition of strengths in other people, relaxation after a day of school, witness of the expiration of fears in a scenario, and, above all, learn to respect the way of being of other people. All this means to me the Foundation El Arte de los Sueños.

Estefanía CastañedaDreamer (El Retiro)
Dreams in progressSueños realizados
6 July, 2019

La Estrella

Since April 2017, in collaboration with the Education Secretariat of the Municipality and the IE José Antonio Galán, we started a unique project that led us to train 40 young...
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5 July, 2019


We already started our process of transforming realities through urban art at the Natasha and Michael D. Education Institute. We are currently developing formative…

Dreams in progressSueños realizados
4 July, 2019

El Retiro

Convinced that dreams are the best way to change our own reality, during the second semester of 2017 we decided to explore new territories that would allow us to go...
Dreams in progressSueños realizados
3 July, 2019

Santa Bárbara

Wishing that the dreams of many young people come true, we went beyond our known territories and found an excellent ally to dream, the educational institution Tomás Eastman opened its...
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2 July, 2019


History, tradition and the best variety of fruits, are just a small sample of how much can be found in western Antioquia. And it was there that we arrived with...
Dreams in progressSueños realizados
1 July, 2019

San Pedro

With the firm intention to continue touring the corners of Antioquia, the chosen route took us to the municipality of San Pedro de los Milagros, to the north, where we...

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