El Arte de los Sueños

what do we do?

We seek to educate vulnerable boys,
girls and teenagers for both knowing and being.


To transform

Transforming the lives of dreamers
is our mission as a foundation.
Our sole purpose!



With this education process, our dreamers will learn
to compose lyrics for urban genre songs (rap and reggaeton).



Hip-hop dance and break dance are technical styles with a lot of footwork,
refined turns and fast, acrobatic and inventive movements.



The art of graffiti do not only seek the completion of a product,
but living an experience.



The aim is to allow the development, understanding and use of singing techniques,
focusing on aspects such as, rhythm, aural skills, harmony and creativity.



With this education process, each dreamer will become stronger in their
sense of rhythm, listening, technique, language and creativity


For me the Foundation is where we learn different things in singing, percussion and dance, but this is not the most important thing, more important are the psychology classes that teach us how we should act in the future, they give us many values, we learn a lot with the Foundation. I thank all the teachers and psychologists for the excellent work they do. Thanks to the Foundation I am achieving my dream of being a singer. Thank you MALUMA for everything!

Jerónimo ToroDreamer (El Retiro)

The Foundation has been a great support because with it I have learned to be a better person and to know myself better; I love what I do at the Foundation because it is one of the few places where I can be myself without fear, there is no discrimination and there is always a continuous support for everyone.

Angie GómezDreamer (Bello)

My journey is being driven by a great propeller which is this Foundation, it never crossed my mind to have everything that has been given to me in this, my second home, I have been filled with values and an enormous learning which I'll put in practice for the rest of my life. I am proud of the person I am, because not all children of my age have these opportunities and much less all take advantage of it. Many people of my age at this moment have a life without direction, but I can proudly say that I have my dream intact and that I will continue dreaming.

Brahian SuazaDreamer (El Retiro)
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6 July, 2018

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