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This is why your prayers and good wishes are extremely important for us.
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Transforming Words

My prayer today is for all the team of this beautiful Foundation The Art of Dreams that fight to help others to fulfill their dreams, to expand the art to all the dreamers, so that they can fulfill their purpose and continue loving what they do.

Milagros RomeroDonor

I pray that everyone has a dream to think about and a desire to fight for. Because there are always people with the ability to love others. Because there is always someone capable of reaching out to help those who need it most. Because everyone who has a dream does not stop until he triumphs. Because there are more art schools than machine guns in the streets. Because God does not abandon his most needy children and, because there is Art for each of our dreams. Amen.

Lianet Oceguera FloresDonor

God in his wisdom plans our victories, the difficult moments are to show us what we are capable of. Love and strength for all. Serenity to accept the things that we can not change, courage to change those that do and wisdom to discern the difference. We do not reject his will and in his hands we abandon ourselves.

Andrea Uribe LoretoDonor