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Transforming Words

May God bless all the people who have the gift to help and serve without expecting anything in return. Many times a smile is the best payment... Thank you sir for putting in the lives of so many young people, people who want to help them fulfill your dreams, explore your emotions and make them come true in the form of art. A thousand blessings.

Alexander PedrazaDonor

Heavenly Father, give love to guide the artists so that with their great work they raise even you and your neighbor the inspiration to continue fighting for their dreams and desires. Do not let them decay and the light be for all who are part of this act of love.

Marisol LaraDonor

God in his wisdom plans our victories, the difficult moments are to show us what we are capable of. Love and strength for all. Serenity to accept the things that we can not change, courage to change those that do and wisdom to discern the difference. We do not reject his will and in his hands we abandon ourselves.

Andrea Uribe LoretoDonor