what do we do?

We seek to educate vulnerable boys,
girls and teenagers for both knowing and being.


To transform

Transforming the lives of dreamers
is our mission as a foundation.
Our sole purpose!



With this education process, our dreamers will learn
to compose lyrics for urban genre songs (rap and reggaeton).



Hip-hop dance and break dance are technical styles with a lot of footwork,
refined turns and fast, acrobatic and inventive movements.


Visual arts

Visual arts do not only seek the completion of a product,
but living an experience.



The aim is to allow the development, understanding and use of singing techniques,
focusing on aspects such as, rhythm, aural skills, harmony and creativity.



With this education process, each dreamer will become stronger in their
sense of rhythm, listening, technique, language and creativity

I want to go very far with this and I am not only talking about myself. I also want to fulfill the dreams of people worldwide. I know that it sounds a bit crazy, but I want to fight to achieve that. I want to leave a mark in the world and I want the world to know that Art can make us better people, that Art can give us the necessary freedom to love every single thing we do.

María Camila LondoñoDreamer

Not very often do we have the opportunity to change the ¨YOU CANNOT DO IT¨ for a ¨SEE HOW I DO IT¨. They say that art is something unnecessary, but I want to demonstrate that art simply is EVERYTHING. From the smallest sound to the slightest movement. Thanks to the opportunity that is offered to me in this foundation, I do not want to stop LEARNING what art really brings together... after all we are only puppets with the same color.

Laura RoldánDreamer

I want to get everything I dreamed of and be the best.

Cristian Camilo Vélez Dreamer

Many changes

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4 January, 2016

La Estrella

PROJECT SIDEREAL DREAMS   La Estrella (The Star, in Spanish) is a municipality of Antioquia (Col.) located to the south of the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley, only 16...
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1 January, 2016

El Retiro

We are close to starting our work in the Rural Public Library ¨El Laboratorio del Espíritu¨ (The Spirit Lab). Even though it is located two hours from Medellín, we know...
Dreams in progressSueños realizados
1 April, 2018


We already started our process of transforming realities through urban art at the Natasha and Michael D. Education Institute. We are currently developing formative…

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Each human being has the capacity to contribute in some way to the transformation of realities. We know that your help can be very valuable. If you want to support us in this beautiful process of making dreams come true, do not hesitate to contact us!




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