El Arte de los Sueños

what do we do?

We seek to educate vulnerable boys,
girls and teenagers for both knowing and being.


To transform

Transforming the lives of dreamers
is our mission as a foundation.
Our sole purpose!



With this education process, our dreamers will learn
to compose lyrics for urban genre songs (rap and reggaeton).



Hip-hop dance and break dance are technical styles with a lot of footwork,
refined turns and fast, acrobatic and inventive movements.



The art of graffiti do not only seek the completion of a product,
but living an experience.



The aim is to allow the development, understanding and use of singing techniques,
focusing on aspects such as, rhythm, aural skills, harmony and creativity.



With this education process, each dreamer will become stronger in their
sense of rhythm, listening, technique, language and creativity


The Foundation has given me a lot of happiness, it has helped me to accept myself as I am, to improve my self-esteem, and in general it has helped me to be a better person. Thanks to the Foundation, I was able to discover what I really like, and what I want to achieve, and this is to be a recognized urban singer, God willing. I have obtained the singing training through the teachers who have been excellent.

Camilo OrtizDreamer (La Estrella)

In the Foundation I feel very well, I feel surrounded by people that I like, the help of teachers and psychologists have always liked me, the percussion classes are very good, compared to other places that demand too much without positive results, here they demand, they see results and they also constantly support you with what you are not capable of. The Foundation leaves me a very beautiful education in my future, and an experience that I will be able to transmit to others.

Yeison VillaDreamer (Bello)

The foundation for me is a door that opens to help in my formation, it is an opportunity which I consider a blessing and something I had been waiting for since I knew it arrived at the library.
The experience has been incredible, not only because of what I have learned in vocal technique and composition, but also because at the personal growth level psychology counsels have served me a lot, before I felt very excluded and since we started counseling everything has been much better.

Dahiana BuitragoDreamer (El Retiro)
EventosFulfilled Dreams
16 November, 2018

Global Gift Gala 2018

Last November 7, the Global Gift USA Foundation, in collaboration with our Foundation, organized the first The Global Gift Gala in the city of Medellin, in order to merge forces...
Dreams in progress
6 July, 2018

La Estrella

Since April 2017, in collaboration with the Education Secretariat of the Municipality and the IE José Antonio Galán, we started a unique project that led us to train 40 young...
Dreams in progress
5 July, 2018


We already started our process of transforming realities through urban art at the Natasha and Michael D. Education Institute. We are currently developing formative…

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