On the 17th of December we had the great opportunity of sharing the Christmas Celebration with a group of 50 boys, girls and teenagers from the Miraflores Home of the PAN Committee. Our Founder and his family presided over the Christmas Fair: we arrived loaded with music, gifts and activities to celebrate with each one of the boys and girls the Christmas Novena as well as the birthday of four 15-year olds. Additionally, we had the opportunity to see a beautiful choreography prepared by the girls and boys from the institution as hosts of the celebration.



PAN is a non-profit organization from Antioquia that helps children under the guardianship of the Colombian Nation, who due to neglect or abuse from their parents are growing up in homes or with surrogate mothers.  Additionally it provides psychosocial attention and fully covers the expenses of the boys, girls and teenagers until they become 25 years old, or until they are adopted.

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